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How We can help

Whether you are an asset managing firm, a bank or an insurance company you’ve plenty to deal with. We can help manage your Sharia governance by setting-up the Sharia Board, getting your investments certified and overseeing the Sharia audits. To make it more easier we’ll assign a relationship manager who will manage all the above functions for you.

Industries We Serve


Whether you are a single or multi-family office we can help guide your family estate, investment, inheritance distribution, zakat and even philanthropic activities in light of Sharia principles.

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We can help you design novel Islamic financial structures that are core to capital market activities and will assist in realizing new paradigms.

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Our engagement focuses on solving your complex Sharia banking problems and reshaping your operating models from Sharia governance to Sharia audit to Sharia control functions.

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Financing Companies

Drawing on years of financial market knowledge and a wealth of scholarly resources we help align product structuring and certifications allowing you to capture opportunities in different landscapes.

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