The retail banking sector has been facing unprecedented challenges from economic contraction to stringent regulatory compliance. Amidst these socio-economic challenges, the sector also faces digital disruption from challenger (digital) banks, who tend to the needs of millennial’s convenience. Islamic banks have the added pressure of Sharia compliance and the need for product innovation in fast-paced environment. It is here, that we help retail, commercial and private banks augment their performance by outsourcing the Shariah advisory and audit requirements.

How We Help Clients

Pricing is a critical capability for all Islamic retail-banks. For this reason, we maintain our Sharia services pricing considerably lower so as to help your bank generate significant revenue and profit. Ultimately, there are four main functions where we can help your Islamic bank:

  • Sharia Supervisory Board Performance – Use the benefits of our vast scholarly network and in-house Sharia scalability to enhance the product development and certification phases.
  • Internal Sharia Audit Support – Where applicable you can leverage upon our Internal Sharia Audit experience by either complete outsourcing the function or employing us to train your internal resource. We have a diverse industry experience when it comes to increasing the effectiveness and sufficiency of the internal controls, helping you safeguard Sharia assets in the best risk-controlled set-up.
  • External Sharia Compliance Audit– Conduct an independent Sharia audit, by challenging and testing the processes used to make-up the Islamic eco-system of your retail bank while complying with the relevant regulator, AAOIFI mandates, local requirements and ethical standards.

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