Vast opportunity exists for Islamic investment banks to realize new paradigms in light of IPO’s, Sukuks, Islamic debt and Sharia compliant equity. By establishing dedicated researches in light of Islamic equities and modern day investment practices we focus on helping clients design novel Islamic financial structures that are core to capital market activities, and can help position your business ahead of the curve. With time being of essence we guarantee Sharia compliant reviews and analysis in a matter of days.

How We Help Clients

We can help you develop the right structure, choose the right Sharia scholars, and help you take the right approach to certification. To meet the challenges and opportunities we will help you move swiftly with the following:

  • Invest in Sharia Supervisory Board – Assemble a board of qualified Sharia scholars to lead, develop, certify and manage the sukuk program successfully.
  • Leveraging modern Islamic financial advances – Facilitating the flow of alternative channels in Sharia compliance used by variant Islamic investment banks and implement measures to stay ahead of the Islamic debt and equity curve.
  • Prepare for IPO journey – modifying the main capital activity and investment actions in light of Sharia principles for the company going for an Islamic listing.
  • External Sharia Audit of Sukuks – conduct an independent examination and a review-based evaluation to see the reliability of sukuk’s and their operations performance in relation to laid down Sharia criterions.

Featured Clients