Capital Goods Finance: Unlocking Intelligent Value with Ijara

A meticulously detailed image of an open oyster shell with two pearls nestled inside, symbolizing the growth and potential of Shariah-compliant Capital Goods Financing. The lustrous pearls reflect the ethical investment and prosperity principles of Ijara and Ijara-wa-iqtina, akin to the natural, valuable assets cultivated within the oyster shell.

Introduction to Capital Goods Finance Capital Goods Financing (CGF) is widely considered as an essential financial tool used by businesses for acquiring capital goods necessary for growth and expansion. It elaborates on different forms of CGF, including Ijara and Ijara-wa-iqtina, which are compliant with Islamic Shariah principles. What is Capital Goods Finance? CGF is a […]

Hedging Profit Rate Risk:
Navigating the Rough Seas With
Sharia Compliant Strategies

Man sailing in sea with Lighthouse

Balancing the Unique Risks The foundation of Islamic banking lies in participation and not in simple financial intermediation. The range of risks may be considered greater in Islamic banking due to their participation as a partner, investor, buyer and seller, as compared to the status of lender in conventional banking. While they share major risks […]