Imagine a digital sukuk that’s just right for your business.

Earlier this month, we started working with Mudaraba Financial Company, a CMA licensed digital platform which helps connect Sukuks to your business. Since then, the first Mudaraba powered Sukuk has been structured, financiers have already started to underwrite the structure and new enhanced modalities are being explored in the pipeline. Their platform is built around technology that helps your business digitally create a Sukuk and raise capital.

We’ve reviewed their Wakala structure, SPV establishment arrangements, Mudarabah terms and offering provisions.  They’re built to work together, so they do—seamlessly, across all domains of the sukuk – uniting great Sharia compliant opportunities with businesses. During our reviews, we also realized that their digital sukuk is built for business sake, rather than its own sake. Coming throughout the rest of the years, we’ll be working with them to develop and supervise new modalities with different investment structures, styles and opportunities that will help businesses get even more out of a sukuk.

Whether it’s helping you get directions with raising capital or letting you connect with investors, chances are with this new platform there is a digital sukuk that’s just right for your business!