We are amazed at how we continue to learn new things and grow every single day at Shariyah Review Bureau (SRB). The project-based nature of our work and our role of providing Shari’a consultation to a large number of firms across multiple industries has allowed us to learn a great deal on different types of businesses worldwide in the shortest possible time. The high levels of energy displayed by my colleagues and the positive spirit of our clients allows us to solve complex problems in light of Shari’a every day. But what makes our work at SRB truly unique is the workplace environment that deeply encourages seeking ‘creative solutions’ and a healthy disregard for what may be considered as ‘non-attainable’.

Take our latest case of Saudi based Ijmal – a rising leader in real estate financing programs – which is one that I would happily rate a 8 out of 10 in terms of the subtle intricacies and conventional complexities faced in their working modalities from a Shari’a point of view. This project is about meeting the specific demand of the real estate industry by developers. With residential properties being continuously built and expanded, the demand for new projects seems to be growing exponentially in the Kingdom. And we have been assigned the daunting mission of making the leasing programs for Ijmal comply with Shari’a.

At SRB we embrace such challenges. To derive solutions we internally open-source the dynamics and mechanism between our Shari’a Review Consultants, Shari’a Advisors, scholars, our own developers, screening partners, and of-course with the client who comes to us with such wonderful ideas. Such opportunities truly stretch and inspire us.

Our team is loving this current engagement: we have an open and healthy dialogue with the client and what inspires us even more is that we immediately begin to see the impact of our work, and we all feel the power, thrill and excitement of helping a business like Ijmal – to achieve its full potential in a Shari’a compliant way.

This positive culture of “real-time” creative solutions at Shariyah Review Bureau is contagious. We knew this was a place where we would see ourselves happy. And after nearly a decade of serving establishments worldwide we still love going to work every single day with great excitement. We’re also still learning a lot – especially how local businesses develop and how we can help them grow by attaining Shari’a compliance with an impact that changes lives of many Islamic financial investors.