You don’t need to look very far to see how Islamic finance changes the way businesses do things. Take the area of commercial Islamic leasing. Just think about how advancements in various facets of contract ownership, identification of risk-bearers, nature of assets, and key essentials of payments have significantly changed the way modern day companies experience their leasing arrangements.

The past few years have also seen widespread availability of mainstream Islamic leasing programs, previously only available in handful countries in Asia and the Middle East. Today, businesses have a wide-range choice of attractive, simple, and powerful schemes available in their local communities. Going forward, customers will be able to enjoy better experiences that combine traditional Ijara rulings with rich transactional connectivity. Equitable policies and integrated services will be the key to unifying and creating these new, more personalized, proficiencies for entities seeking value based transactions. Bringing this vision to life is the mission of the team at SK Leasing.

Their first major milestone is overcoming conventional complexities, Kazakhstani taxation laws and legal contractual requirements. This is something they are working with us on solving from a Sharia perspective. The second major focus will be steering their market initiatives and business-model opportunities in compliance with Islamic principles – transforming the company into the first Sharia compliant leasing company in the country. We expect the platform to become Kazakhstan’s leading provider of impactful solutions, enabling more than 3000 local customers and businesses to access sustainable, affordable and innovative products.

A leasing revolution is underway, where experiences of doing business in a Sharia compliant way is more personal than ever before. We’re excited to be a part of delivering these new and exciting trends.

The future of leasing starts today!