The power of every connection helps us to deliver long-term value and build broader, stronger and deeper relationships with your business. By paying attention and listening carefully to your challenges we’ve learned that fast and reliable connectivity for liquidity management is almost second nature to your financial business. But even in places like the GCC, where connections for treasury services are readily available, there are still times when you turn to your service provider and they don’t have fast enough Commodity Murabaha solutions. As your institutions continually expand, your connection to liquidity management programs will need to keep pace, be fast, easy to use, and accessible at all times.

That’s why today we’re excited to introduce our new UK based partner, Eiger Trading — a better, smarter platform that fuses physical commodities with everything you love about generating and managing liquidity electronically. Their program explores commodity facilitation opportunities with syndicated financing transactions by introducing seamless process experience. They have also taken a fresh approach to how you pay for asset facilitation requirements, automating your treasury services, and are always on hand when assistance is required. By assisting you with commodity acquisition for liquidity management, trade and transactional connectivity, we can more fully explore new ways for institutions to connect and grow. They have also pioneered the first 24/7 fully automated live retail platform interfacing with a client core banking systems and using locally based inventory and logistics chains.

Eiger Trading is the first smart platform that supports the Sharia requirements and structural support that works with our own services. By partnering with them, our aim is to put our clients and you on the best Murabaha facilitating network wherever you are. So if you’re looking at asset facilitation services, send an invite at [email protected] to get started.

We look forward to connecting!