Getting Shari’a Compliant Certification can make a big difference for businesses worldwide—and in today’s times enterprises are attaining Shari’a compliance to build stronger relationships with the expanding community of Islamic Finance. Businesses who aspire to cater the faith based values of their investors are expected to grow faster and create more jobs than their conventional peers but more than ninety percent of America’s businesses currently don’t have Shari’a compliant offerings.

That’s the inspiration behind Falah Capital! A rising new star who has come together with US partners and Shariyah Review Bureau to illuminate the landscape of Shari’a compliant offerings from America to communities around the world.

We’re thrilled in welcoming such enterprises to the exciting world of Shari’a compliant businesses. We see Falah Capital as a business that will make a positive difference in our world! And we invite you to reach out and see if your business too can have a positive impact.

See you on the Islamic side!