Algorand is a ground breaking blockchain with the power to settle transactions in a few seconds…one that is publicly available for anyone to audit, use, and build their transactions upon.

Today, they are celebrating our certification of their Dutch auctioning mechanism and consensus algorithm. Our approval will allow entrepreneurs, small businesses and large banks seeking applications that are compliant with Sharia finance guidelines to celebrate the platform together by developing new products across this canvas. But the celebration doesn’t end there. While the platform processes its algorithmic smart-contracts on who owns which digital assets in a faster, cheaper and easier way. What truly sets Algorand apart is its ability to allow individuals to create, build and grow new ecosystems based on ownership records made public by the blockchain. Simply put, you can create your own applications that are compliant with Sharia finance guidelines side-by-side with others from around the world in this permissionless blockchain.

We want to inspire a new generation of individuals and institutions around the world to think and design investment solutions in a manner that is compliant with Sharia finance guidelines to help unlock new business opportunities that did not exist before. We’re excited to be able to extend the celebration and give you a new way to share your ideas.

The best way to experience this canvas is to discover it for yourself.

Hope to see you at Algorand!