For ten years we’ve been looking for ways to support investments that not only comply with Shari’a but are attractive, simple, and powerful. In the pursuit we’ve hit upon a revolutionary scheme which will allow us to continue building towards that cause and help support the growth of green energy investments in the UK.

The project is a first of its Shari’a compliant kind enabling investors to participate in a UK-based solar photovoltaic generation plant and generate revenue by selling electricity to the national grid.

Our long-term goal is to help more businesses develop and expand cost-effective renewable energy options through Shari’a compliant venues. We hope that our efforts will encourage the growth of more clean energy in the UK and elsewhere through the rapidly growing community of Islamic investors. By helping such businesses grow we will help drive more investments towards a clean energy future —where sustainable energy will be in abundance, easy to get and affordable.

It won’t happen overnight but we will continue working hard to make that future a reality!