All these amazing investment experiences in the Islamic markets are built around understanding what customers need and basic knowledge of Shari’a principles. However, there are many people and small businesses who still don’t have access to smart financial solutions. We always wanted to somehow change that; so today we are announcing an important initiative by Gulf Finance.

We’re working with them on a comprehensive leasing and financial solution — which includes Ijara management programs and SME  Asset financing platforms — to address the Shari’a compliant corporate and individual needs of the Saudi market. Gulf Finance will be providing smart programs that are high quality, business friendly, affordable and are in alignment with Islamic principles. They will launch an initial range of these products starting in the Kingdom this summer, with more offerings to follow soon.

With a new creative design, they’re working to evolve the multiple Islamic leasing platform so as to engage a new experience for the Shari’a compliant consumers. Through nationwide collaboration Gulf Finance will integrate its leading services to provide a comprehensive financing feature set that can be configured to meet the varying needs of the Kingdom’s SME’s and asset financing clients. We’re proud to be working closely with Gulf Finance reviewing their design, development, and launch of the Islamic leasing management program.

But, beyond the world of leasing businesses, many of you are increasingly surrounded by a range of investment ideas. Ideas with the ability to make a big impact in the Islamic industries. Opportunities that can create new Shari’a compliant possibilities. Something creative or imaginative that might just change the world of small and medium businesses around us.

We invite you to reach out  and share your exciting ideas with us. We can’t wait to hear from you!