Ten years ago our founders got together to help businesses around the world bring their ideas to the expanding markets of Islamic Finance. Our journey since then has lead us to work with companies beyond the banking and insurance sectors and towards a wide range of industries such as energy, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, real-estate, retail, and transportation — and with many more to come.

Today, we have announced a new addition, all the way from Hong Kong, in our portfolio of companies. Treedom Hong Kong is the world’s leading manufacturer involved in Oud Oil businesses. It is considered as one of the few international firms which owns its entire value-chain model from producing raw material to plantation, from manufacturing to supplying, and sales of luxury Oud oil and perfume products.

We at Shariyah Review Bureau see prospects for all types of businesses that comply with Shari’a as remarkably bright. The world is also witnessing this trend as the Islamic industry spreads its wings beyond the financial world towards farming, media, pharmaceuticals, food and tourism. However, given the nature of businesses worldwide the Shari’a compliant industry will grow at different speeds in different countries with some segments gaining more momentum than others.

We remain very excited about how we are helping businesses worldwide build their dreams and tap the growing Islamic markets — but we’re even more excited to see what type of business comes to us in the years to come.

We are ready for more!