Can technology help us grow more with less?

In an inspiring new trend, US based FreshBox Farms is showing the world that it is not only realizable but with the right ingredients it can reduce our ecological footprint on the planet. You may wish to watch the TED talk by Sonia Lo, CEO of FreshBox Farms, as she shares her bold vision for growing compact vertical farmlands for our cities.

When FreshBox Farms was first introduced to me a year ago, the idea immediately stole my heart. Beyond the practice of saving over 97% of water, to smart mechanical techniques for avoiding GMO’s and pesticides, I was captivated by the ability to “vertically” grow crops in our cities. And the idea of building incredibly compact container farms to green our cities is truly incredible. Not surprisingly, this means our vegetables don’t need to travel very far to get to our tables. Now, that’s doing more with less.

We’ve recently signed an agreement with FreshBox to help structure and manage their Investments using Islamic financial modalities. This project is a first of its Shari’a compliant kind enabling investors to participate in leasing Hydroponic Box Units – the units where the farming environment is managed and digitally controlled.

FreshBox’s new technology will not only shorten distances from agricultural production to consumption, but will change the landscape of agricultural investments, allowing cities and suburban’s to supply fresh and local produce at the highest quality – and, unlock a new perspective on the future of our cities.

Talk about doing more with less!