Promoting a financial system that is fair without the use of usury or interest. Generating double digit annualized returns based on ethical principles. Developing new cycles of charitable growth by giving 50% of performance fees to charity. This is just a few of the big ideas that UAE—based Shukr Investments is aiming to achieve.

Today, we’ve joined forces with Shukr to supervise their flagship strategy, the Shukr Global Equity Fund, which combines Sharia-based investing with ESG principles. Ranked by Bloomberg* in the top 1% of all offshore public equity funds, Shukr attributes its success to being grateful for God’s blessings—which is why the firm donates a significant portion of its fees to charitable causes.

Our objective is to ensure their investments and charitable activities comply with Sharia principles. This includes assembling the scholars for Shukr Investments’ Shariah board, ensuring their public equity investments comply with Sharia principles, overseeing their purification calculations, auditing their activities and approving the charities Shukr donates to.

When creative institutions join socially-conscious Islamic investors, new ideas will be brought to life, and big things will happen!

So, best of luck to Shukr for the years to come!