The future of finance will be less about debt and financial engineering, and more about equity; long-term impact; connecting capital with communities; and helping future generations. Institutions that will promote such investments with profit and loss sharing ownerships and sustainable programs, will help hasten this welcome change in financial markets around the world.

One such institute putting these interests first is Australian based EFSOL. Their Sharia compliant financial solutions call attention to the needs and rights of individuals, businesses and local economies using equitable instruments of Mushakara, Ijara and Murabaha. They have been operating in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide and have recently established an office in Singapore in preparation for the launch of there wholesale investment fund. A scheme that will be registered and regulated by the Moneyary Authority of Singapore.

We see EFSOL as an inventive, thoughtful, creative and determined organisation, helping make the world of financial solutions a better place. They will build a brighter future with products that are truly convenient, equitable and Shariah-compliant. At our organization we support and encourage such establishments to explore and challenge the financial offerings through innovative equity-based structures.

The past two decades have brought tremendous innovations in Islamic financial markets, and no one knows what the future of financial markets holds. But we can tell you one thing: it’s going to be better thanks to efforts of organizations like EFSOL – especially as an era of equitable financing emerges.