Seems just like yesterday that we announced our biggest US assignment on Shari’a compliant Exchange Traded Funds!

Today, we’re taking another step towards a major new upcoming investment in Saudi Arabia. Together with Swicorp we will be supervising, from a Shari’a perspective, multiple top tier deals to accredited investors in the Middle East.

This is our 37th major assignment in the Kingdom making us the Shari’a Advisor to 15% of the Investment companies licensed by the CMA. Overall we’ve invested more than 19 thousand hours in developing new knowledge, skills and insights in Islamic projects around the world, and we’re always on the hunt for new opportunities to help businesses bring their products to Shari’a compliant markets and making Islamic investments available to more people every day!

I’m certain that similar great opportunities will be coming your way soon – so just make sure you seize them and make the most of each one.

Good Luck!