The future of payment solution businesses will need greater capabilities, and innovative services to compete and achieve profitable growth. Likewise, it will have to open up and expand its offerings in future growth markets and industries. The Islamic financial sector of the GCC is without doubt one such growth market…  and tapping this market is the aspiration of tabby!

To illuminate the landscape of Sharia compliant offerings in the region, tabby, one of the leading ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ provider in MENA, is expanding its payment solutions to Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar after its success in UAE and KSA. With a vibrant community of +3000 businesses and +400,000 active users, tabby offers its flexible, frictionless and cashless payment solutions to merchants and shoppers built around the ‘BNPL’ model.

Today, we are excited to announce that tabby has completed the Sharia certification for its payment plans and we will now be auditing their solutions to ensure interest free transactions are executed as per the Sharia principles.

We are thrilled to provide you Sharia assurance and remain committed to innovation for more capabilities in the future of payment solution businesses.