Today’s investors are accessing opportunities from a broad variety of sources with more impact than ever before. To be successful, platforms need to go beyond equity and debt in providing investments that matter.

That’s the inspiration behind QuantDART – a digital asset management company regulated by Astana Financial Services Authority (AFSA)!

With digital investment products issued and rolled out with trading and custodial services, these assets can be traded by investors in Kazakhstan and beyond. At the heart of this strategy is a simple belief that access to growing cryptos and digital assets should be easier, better priced and more readily available. This is why we’re excited to announce the Sharia certification of their Islamic platform. We’ve been obsessively at work studying their supplier, custodian agreements and examining brokerage and transfer structures of the digital assets. We’ve also reviewed their wallet management processes, technology, agency and transactional connectivity so as to better understand how they trade, hold and help investors to connect, grow, and meet their financial goals. Now as part of our supervision we’ll manage their Shari’a compliance as they seek to serve faith-based investors through a resourceful and easy experience.

We hope our efforts to create and maintain new sources of Sharia compliant assets will provide investors access to new opportunities!