2015 marks a new era of change for us, and there are a lot of ways to make change — by building new resources, by expanding our services, by engaging with customers unfamiliar with Islamic financial markets. This year we’ll be combining our efforts to help organizations address some of the biggest Sharia Advisory challenges they face. Since these companies are the ones making a direct impact by serving people, businesses and facilitating Sharia compliant investments around the world, every day.

One of our efforts will go to supporting Dubai based Beehive Group – the region’s first online marketplace for peer-to-peer financing. They have assigned Shariyah Review Bureau to help manage their Sharia compliant expansion plans as they seek to offer their services to faith based businesses and investors. Using innovative technology of crowd-funding Beehive is working to eliminate the cost and complexity of Sharia compliant financing for businesses seeking lower cost credit facilities while offering investors better and diversified returns. We will help certify and supervise their Islamic credit platform, along with their financial and investment offerings in compliance with Sharia.

This is just the beginning of our effort. Over the course of the year, we will strive to make the markets of Islamic finance a little bit better through our unlimited consultation and open-idea platform. Today, thanks to a number of collaborative advisory improvements and integrated scholarly platform, we’re able to make Sharia Advisory more affordable for you to discuss your ideas with Sharia experts, from anywhere.

We’re inspired by Beehive and similar organizations who are relentlessly working to make a difference. And we’re glad to do our part and look forward to more exciting works making a difference in 2015.