Every time certification of a product takes too long, institutions lose an investor — and the opportunity to earn revenue and loyalty of an exciting deal.

Today, after discussions with institutions and Islamic investment companies around the world, we’re announcing a new initiative called Sharia Express Service, which aims to turnaround you product review in as little as 2 hours. By creating a wide-network of 31 dedicated scholars from 16 countries a new open framework has been built, which allows your products to be reviewed instantaneously – no matter what type of fund, transaction or business line you may have. We’re hoping that this service will introduce change that can profoundly and affordably impact millions for the players of the Islamic industry making Sharia compliant investment opportunities quickly available for investors.

Historically, Islamic financial institutions have relied on traditional Sharia Board structures that were often expensive, over-stretched and limited to reviewing one or two specific transactions at a time. Over time we anticipate that Islamic financial institutions will integrate this service for their time-sensitive and critical transactions.

We hope the express service will speed-up the opportunities by ensuring products are reviewed and certified faster for everyone, everywhere.