Every adventure starts somewhere, and our began on Tuesday, June 22, 2004, when we became the first institute in the world to offer Sharia Advisory services. Based out of Bahrain, we started to support investment companies and their products in ways that made Sharia Compliance very cool and easily accessible. Our casual setup suggested little of the international demand for our services that would follow over the subsequent decade. Today our services are delivered to clients in over 18 countries while in Saudi Arabia alone we serve 26% of the Investment Companies and 23% of the Insurance sector.

Yeah. We were surprised, too!

This year we are focusing on listed companies like Mouwasat delivering turn-by-turn quarterly Sharia reports that works with a unified certification connection, and makes it possible for huge organization like them to get faster-reviews and streamlined financial screening. We want to make sure that no matter what your company does on the stock exchange or where you are or how advanced your business model is … Shariyah Review Bureau works for you!

For us, Sharia Advisory is not about the transactions or the products we certify. Those aren’t the end-goals. Sharia Advisory is an ethical force, empowering institutions through the power of Islamic financial principles. Shariyah Review Bureau is an idea-generating company. It was when it was founded, and it is today. And it’s what companies do with those ideas that amazes and inspires us every day.

Thanks for a wild and inspiring 12 years!