Whether it’s repairing the screen of your mobile phone, replacing hunks of metal, or re-aligning its wires, millions of requests under repair warranty are made every day. But few people think about how the repair logistic agreements actually works. Because these contracts typically aren’t much to look at, people usually don’t learn about the incredible arrangements which make so much of modern day mobile devices repair possible.

To begin to change that, we signed up with CDP Holdings with a Sharia Advisory partnership to understand a bit of the magic from the inside of their warranty plans to the outside. So today, after having reviewed there protection program and processes, we’re certifying their plan, a different kind of Sharia compliant warranty with a new way of protection. Instead of insurance like connections, CDP will give you service based protection that’s fast, safe, and reliable.

We’re really excited to see how this plan can help reinvent repair warranties for smartphone brands and take the frustration out of repair and warranty together.

Here’s to CDP for bringing speed, security and Sharia compliance in the warranty you want, without the frustrations you don’t.