Every company has challenges and must find its own solutions. That is why we give our clients the chance to shape the future according to their own ideas. It’s with this in mind that we launched unlimited Consultation back in 2011— an opportunity for companies to explore possibilities in light of Sharia and create their own impact. This generational change enabled our customers and clients to move forward with new ideas and impulses.

Today, we’re headed across Italy supporting Nctm Studio Legale Associtao design an Italian Sharia compliant Mini-bond. Nctm has become a European leader in the growing world of ubiquitous legal advisory. We’re already working on this inspiring project, piloting new ways to improve the equity and debt access in line with the country’s regulation. For the first time, SME’s in Italy will be able to experience an “I bond” for their development and expansion programs —and help make their projects a reality. We believe our unlimited Sharia Consultation can help firms like Nctm make a difference, and empower businesses to the causes they care about.

We hope our Italian Job gives you new ideas on how you can make your own project Sharia compliant. We would also like to learn how your company perceives and creates opportunities, and how our Consultative works can hopefully become a responsible partner in your society. Remember, the promise of Islamic finance is compelling, and the results are real.

So let’s go solve those challenges!