We’ve always known how important ‘access to information’ is when it comes to investors requests, the rapid expansion of our services in the past years have underscored just how urgent the issue truly is in the growing Islamic markets.

Institutional investor requests for Shari’a compliance information in the products, funds and even institutes we serve as Shari’a supervisors have doubled over the last three years. Though the number of institutions we certify and supervise has also grown throughout the years, we’re also seeing more and more individual interest start to make requests from different parts of the world.

To meet these requests – particularly from multiple time zones such as Europe, US, Australia and the far East – we’re launching our “Verify Your Shari’a Certificate” program. Through this online engine we’re committing ourselves to provide safe, secure, reliable and up-to-date information on the Shari’a compliance status and assurance audit of your investment whenever you need it. So if you have been presented our Certificate and you would like to learn more about the Shari’a compliance status of the underlying investment, visit our new accessibility site at https://shariyah.com/track-certificates/ and enter the unique Certificate Tracker Number in the search tool*. We’ve been able to develop this engine through understanding best practices, our own rigorous standards and a careful analysis of the year-on year requests we have received, regardless of type.

As a global Shari’a Advisor we carry a big responsibility towards finding innovative ways to give back to the investor community. Everyone, regardless of location, should be able to experience the power of Shari’a reports, assurance and direct-communication. While the trends for more transparent information have been clear for decades, we believe we have now reached an important point to start providing Shari’a compliance information access to investors worldwide. Though we cannot boldly predict what countries it will touch, or how much Islamic investors from UK to Azerbaijan to Hong Kong will truly gain in the years to come. But we are absolutely certain of one thing: access to information will play a key role!

Your investments are important to you, and making sure it stays Shari’a compliant is important to us. And we’ll also constantly work on ways to improve our reporting process.

*This information will only be accessible to those whom our Shari’a Certificate has been presented by our clients.