When does the future begin? You may think it starts tomorrow, but for us it begins today! After all what happens tomorrow is built upon what we do today.

Since 2015, Taajeer has been preparing itself for a new world in which Islamic leasing, in whatever form, rapidly becomes the currency of choice. From enhancing competitiveness, to driving multiple models of rental programs, and, perhaps most critically, navigating through the economic structures of the machinery world of the Kingdom. Taajeer has been working hard to create immense value for customers and merchants by bringing them new, modern, enterprise-ready products.

We’ve recently signed-up with Taajeer to help bring their organization, brand and products in a Sharia compliant way into the 21st century.  Our engagement will repower an iconic segment of our markets and help shape the future of Islamic leasing.

Nowadays, Shari’a Advisory isn’t just a service useful for an Islamic financial company; Banking. Asset Management. Equipment Leasing. Payment Solutions. Sukuks. No matter what you dream of doing, our Shari’a support will help you get there. Your future — our future — is made with interactive Shari’a Advisory. Let’s do what we can to make sure that future is as bright as possible.

Let’s shape the future of Islamic finance, today!