Financial Technology (Fintech) is revolutionizing the financial industry with platforms offering services in a completely new way. Our Sharia Certification and Sharia Audit assurance has the potential to help these rising stars offer revolutionary services to its end-users and Islamic investors in a shariah complaint.

How We Help Clients

  • Sharia Review and certification management: Reviewing transactions in light of Sharia practices is our heritage, so we work with you to gain deep understanding of your core business and technological opportunities for success and then link it with Sharia compliance requirements. During the process we try and determine the factors that most directly influence Sharia risks along with non-permissible dimensions that decelerate your performance. We then develop key investment level focal points in our Certification that help align Sharia compliance value and add credibility to your financial model.
  • Value based Sharia Audit : Our practice helps select the appropriate metrics to define the Sharia compliance value aspiration, monitor ongoing Sharia risks, and, embed an enhanced program that protects your transactions from non-compliant issues. During our Sharia audit we consider all transactional options, and ensure that the result is consistent with both Sharia certification guidelines and Islamic financial strategies.

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