Global Sharia Certificate

Whether you’re a small real-estate fund in US, a growing Islamic bank in the GCC, or a large insurance company operating in the South-Asian market. We can help.

Our global Sharia certificate is signed by 16 scholars covering 4 major school of jurisprudences and spreading over 10 countries including Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Malaysia, UK, Germany and Russia. Such a comprehensive review and international endorsement can help your investment gain credibility, grow and win the trust of communities around the world. Additionally, by raising the bar of review and certification, we’re also helping investors engage with confidence in investments that are important to them.

A simple process to global certification

We make the process to attaining global Sharia certification simple. After understanding your business requirements we’ll appoint a relationship manager who will guide you and your business through the following key stages:  

1. Gap analysis:

Working with you we take a closer look at your investment offering and compare it with the requirements of Sharia standards. This helps identify areas that will require more work before we carry out a formal assessment, saving you time and money.  Besides the factual background, we also work to understand what your investment seeks to accomplish? What is the desired outcome? Ultimately, the terms and conditions making up your documentation will tell the story.

2. Formal Sharia review:

This happens in two stages. First our team of international scholars will review provisions and terms making up each document in light of Sharia criterion. We will share the details of our findings with you so that you can work with your legal team to close the gaps identified by us. If all the requirements are in place, we will then assess your policies, procedures and controls associated with the investment to ensure key Sharia guidelines are fulfilled to mitigate any Sharia risks.

3. Sharia Certification and beyond:

When you have passed the formal Sharia review stage you will receive a global Sharia certificate. Your Sharia Board or Sharia auditor will have to work with you to ensure your certified investment remains Sharia compliant.

Note: Getting certified is a process in itself, but maintaining certification is just as challenging. This is why we do not issue a certificate if your entity does not have its own Sharia Board or Sharia supervisory arrangement in place. Because ongoing maintenance of Sharia compliance is a key component of meeting the standards of the certification, therefore Sharia audit requirements must continue to be met.

Internationally scaled Certification:

Your Global Partner.

For over 15 years we’ve been working hard to consistently improve the Sharia compliance across various industries. Since our establishment in 2004 we have grown to become a well-recognized brand in the Middle east and beyond.  With our strength of extensive global network, we are well positioned to bring together a team of reviewers and Sharia scholars crossing national boundaries best suited to meet your certification needs.

demonstrate your commitment to Sharia compliance practices;
stay competitive; and open new doors of international opportunities.

Licensed by the Central Bank of Bahrain we provide a customer centric and Sharia value-adding assessment and certification service. Our global Sharia certification services covers wide range of funds, products and financial instruments in the following sectors:

  • Asset Management
  • Insurance
  • Family Offices
  • Capital Markets
  • Retail and Corporate Banking
  • Investment Banking
  • Fintech
  • Financial Companies

So, whether you have your own local Sharia Board or you are seeking global scale or just need to discuss options for attaining Sharia compliance of transnational repute with an internationally recognized Sharia advisory firm; then contact us today!