Shariah compliant Insurance (Takaful) has been playing a pivotal role in building the new Islamic economy. Our Shariah scholars have been working with leading operators including health, life insurers, property and marine insurers and re-insurers in improving the Shariah review and audit functions. Serving more than 50% of the Islamic Insurance companies listed on the Saudi stock-exchange, we offer a wide range of expertise and support.

How We Help Clients

We serve more than 50% of the co-operative insurance companies listed on the Saudi stock exchange. We can help position and setup Sharia compliance for success by helping you develop and certify tailored policies that enhance new Islamic risk capabilities and incorporate Takaful and cooperative features. Towards this end, we offer a wide range of expertise such as:

  • Prioritizing issues for Sharia Board Engagement – New growth plans in acquiring insurance companies or developing partnerships with other insurance providers as well as third-party vendors require a speedy, rigorous analysis to capture the value and opportunities in the market. Here, our Sharia Supervisory Board reviews and certification timelines play a critical role to prioritize your organization’s outreach efforts.
  • Building internal reviewer capabilities – To successfully execute the internal control Sharia processes your organization must proactively engage with legal, product developers, compliance, consumers, auditors, and other financial institutions. We help translate Sharia approvals into credible systems improving the overall Sharia compliance collaboration between management and various other departments.

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