Boosting workforce productivity with AMS

Shariyah Review Bureau (SRB) announces the completion of its “Activity Management System” with Red Secure. The solution, which has been developed after 10 months of ground work with each department of SRB, has been successfully integrated into their working system. The AMS will provide Client and Employee solutions and guidance to SRB so as to allow it to better manage its banking and insurance Product certifications and Shari’a structuring needs and stay in better control of its Shari’a Audit business.

Commenting on the release, Mr. Yasser Dahlawi, CEO at SRB stated that “We Work Around The World Serving A Wide Range Of Industries such as Banks, Insurance Companies, Asset Managers, Private Equity, and Real Estate Companies assisting them to become Shari’a Compliant. Increasing number of clients from France, Switzerland, Canada, KSA, Bahrain and UAE have outsourced their Shari’a Advisory and Shari’a Audit functions to us. This naturally created a demand for a system which could manage our Shari’a Advisory and Shari’a Audit engagement with each client efficiently while allowing our teams to make well-founded decisions on their day to day operations pertinent to each client.”  “By virtually recording all our client activities, we are better equipped to serve our Preferred clients allowing them to have the benefit of personal attention from our engagement team.”

Farhan Rashid [Position] who lead the year-long project customizing the system to SRB’s own working requirements said that “the analytical software is specially designed to provide extensive management ‘Live’ reporting and will enable the recording and analyzing of clients & employees historical activities.”

“We are taking SRB to the next level of a technology rich operating environment,” said Mr. Mansoor Ahmed, Asst General Mnaager at SRB. “This is a big step forward for our Shari’a review, Shari’a Audit and Equity Screening Departments and a huge opportunity for SRB.” Commenting further he said “Being a centre of Shari’a certification (Fatwa) and Shari’a Audit this user friendly solution will allow profound reporting to all our clients on each of their activity and help build and deepen our relationships with them”.