Canada grows Islamic Agricultural Fund

AGInvest Properties, a Canadian firm dedicated to helping investors diversify their portfolios with class 1 and 2 prime farmlands in Canada, announced today that it has entered into a Shari’a Advisory agreement with Shariyah Review Bureau.

AGInvest currently owns and manages a vast array of farmland across Ontario. Aside from operating high-grade farm real-estate, AGInvest will now be offering Sharia compliant investment partnership opportunities. As the Canadian agriculture sector continues to strengthen, and concern for food security grows, investment in land is a stable way to hedge against the financial markets and protect future generations. “In the long run, we definitely see this as a critical market to be involved with.” says Kent Willmore, President at AGInvest.

Mr. Kent, who began the farmland business in 2011, speaks to the worldwide movement of agricultural investment as a hard, tangible and renewable asset class. “We see crop real-estate investments as a sustainable sector, one which is not easily affected by the depressing environment of countries around the world. With our latest partnership we expect to provide Islamic investors in Canada, GCC and elsewhere solid portfolio diversification with moderate risk and attractive returns.” He also adds “The decision to offer Shari’a compliant transactions also shows how AGInvest’s business model allows it to accommodate diversified requirements of conscious investors proving our ability to generate new investments and create more value with Canadian farmers.”

In response to the announcement of assigning SRB as the Shari’a Advisor, Robbie Duncan, AGInvest’s UAE Regional Manager says “With an international portfolio of clients from multiple industries SRB is making a global name for itself in the business of outsourcing Shari’a Certification and Advisory functions. Having the opportunity to work directly with institutionalized professionals showcases SRB’s value proposition as invaluable to businesses seeking to comply with Shari’a and also to the rapidly growing sector of Islamic Investments.”

Yasser S. Dahlawi, CEO of SRB comments, “This engagement marks our third Shari’a compliant agricultural agreement in just under 7 months.  Given that the world’s population is rapidly increasing and there are only finite amounts of agricultural resources available to the Islamic investor community we believe such asset-class opportunities make excellent business sense.” He also added “We’re thrilled to be the Shari’a Advisor for AGInvest and we look forward to helping them customize their investment opportunities with Shari’a”

Replying on the appointment, Mansoor M. Ahmed, Assistant General Manager at Shariyah Review Bureau says, “This is a hallmark Shari’a compliant investment opportunity. By ensuring Shari’a compliance AGInvest Properties will be able to flow much needed capital into Canadian agricultural businesses increasing the sectors growth and advancing the environmental sustainability of farmlands.” “We’re delighted to be chosen by AGInvest to support them in their drive to offer Shari’a compliant investment opportunities in the Canadian farmland sector” he said.

AGInvest Properties Canada Inc.

AGInvest Properties Canada is a Canadian owned and operated company specializing in agricultural property acquisition and management. Dedicated to providing investors with a long-term stable investment, their team works with leading agricultural experts to make their properties more viable, profitable, and productive.

Serving institutions and individuals alike, AGInvest Canada brings more than 100 years of combined experience to the field.  They provide investors the opportunity to hold high-grade Canadian farmland, in an effort to hedge against inflationary pressures and grow their portfolio return.

With expertise in soil preservation, crop rotation, environmental stewardship, investors can expect the quality and grade of their investments to be protected.