Financing Platform launched for SME’s

Murabaha Capital, a platform set-up to address the funding needs of SMEs, invoice financing and consumers in a Sharia compliant way, today announced the assignment of Shariyah Review Bureau (SRB) as its Sharia Advisor.

 The platform of Murabaha Capital envisions the simplification of the process for both lenders and borrowers allowing the latter to showcase their growth, portfolio and financial health to multiple investors at the same time without having to chase them. As part of its capital introductory service, the platform aims to process SME applications faster than traditional measures thereby allowing Islamic banks and financing companies to identify and connect with credit worthy businesses. This will be an important step in the evolution of the industry and is expected to be welcomed by Islamic banks who require superior diligence in credit screening, liquidity control and transparency. Murabaha Capital aims to help these banks save overhead costs in originating prospects and respond quickly to financing needs, save money, and deliver innovative services. Using modern-day Peer 2 Peer cloud-based technology the platform aims to handle complexities of managing the entire online marketplace Murabaha cycle from online origination to servicing and managing multiple investor portfolios.

“With the changing environment of banking primarily due to fintech-driven shifts, the market for Islamic finance servicing is poised to see disruption” said Abbas Hijazi, co-founder of Murabaha Capital “it is for this reason that we are seeing an increasing demand for digital based trading and lending in the Islamic markets.” Commenting on the assignment of  SRB he added “We have assigned Shariyah Review Bureau as an independent Sharia Advisor to help us comply with the critical procedures of Sharia compliance. We hope this will drive international Islamic investors and businesses to generate new opportunities in the marketplace compatible to their faith based values.”

SRB will supervise the platform and provide comprehensive Sharia guidelines for trading assets using Murabaha modalities. It currently offers an international Sharia advisory service, providing consistent, quality assured, Sharia certifications and Sharia audits to establishments around the world. Its capabilities span the entire Sharia compliance value chain with holistic Sharia advisory solutions, and product assessment customized to the needs of the financial institutions it serves.

In response to the assignment, Yasser S. Dahlawi, Founder and CEO of SRB commented “High quality Sharia advice and certification services are critical to our business and we are ready to deliver what’s required to support the future ambitions of the users of Murabaha Capital.” He added, “we will ensure that the people and institutions using the platform have assurance and access to  the levels of expertise required for attaining Sharia compliance in their business facilities.”