Focus on Islamic Credit Card for Credi Max

Bahrain based CrediMax today announced the launch of their Sharia compliant credit cards called “Tayseer”. It has assigned Shariyah Review Bureau to ensure the structure and workings of its Islamic Cards are in compliance to Shari’a.

With 10 years of experience, Shariyah Review Bureau has become a global leader in helping businesses worldwide achieve Shari’a Compliance. The company provides one of the largest sources of Shari’a compliant services, and is uniquely positioned to deliver guidance and intelligence to enterprises and their products to a multitude of industries including – Financial Institutions, Agricultural Farmlands, Individuals and Data Providers.

“Shariyah Review Bureau  is recognized as a market leader in offering  business advice and product solutions that conform with Islamic law and has a superb track record in monitoring the transactions to ensure compliance with Shari’a,” said Mr. Yasser Dahlawi, CEO at Shariyah Review Bureau. “Islamic Credit Cards have grown at a tremendous pace particularly in the GCC. We are pleased to see an ever-increasing number of institutions addressing the need for providing Islamic credit.” He further added, “We are happy with CrediMax’s proactive approach to developing an effective and flexible solution for Islamic consumers. We’re looking forward to working closely with CrediMax to help them drive innovation across the credit-card market industry and launch Shari’a compliant credit card products.”

Commenting on the launch, CrediMax’s Chief Executive Mr. Yousif Ali Mirza, “As the first issuer of credit card in the Kingdom of Bahrain, we have a long tradition of pro-actively listening to our customers with a focus on delivering the right kind of financial-solutions for individual and corporate needs”. “Our growing number of surveys have shown us that there is a growing demand for Shari’a-conscious consumers. This is why today we are announcing the launch of Tayseer. We believe this Islamic card will provide a combination of both spectacular benefits and services that many of our customers have always wanted but with a Shari’a compliant assurance. We’re proud to partner with Shariyah Review Bureau, a Bahrain based Shari’a Advisory firm with a rich history of Shari’a Certification and Shari’a Audit services that’s dedicated to providing outstanding customer value to the Shari’a compliant consumer. By working with them we can continue to focus on protecting our customers Islamic credit rights and enhancing their overall Shari’a compliant experience.”

About CrediMax

CrediMax was established in 1999, as a subsidiary of BBK and is the first Credit Cards issuers in the country to issue and acquire Credit Cards. CrediMax holds the largest market share with dynamic and diversified products, offering its customers a wide range of unique privileges, services and opportunities to win valuable prizes.