Reviewing a major Islamic Financial Qualification

To coordinate the push towards new Islamic markets, Islamic Finance Qualification (IFQ) Arabic Edition 5 will be released soon. Shariyah Review Bureau, the world’s leading independent Shari’a Advisory firm was assigned to review and validate the Arabic Workbook’s content in light of AAOIFI Shari’a standards. “As a Shari’a Certification body, majorly serving the financial sectors at all levels of the Islamic industry we manage Shari’a compliance  of the highest caliber financial institutes on a day-to-day basis. And while working with institutes and individuals we have practically seen the importance of qualified individuals with relevant Islamic financial knowledge. And the IFQ program instills the knowledge of practical applications and the governing rules of Shari’a prevalent in the Islamic market practices which we believe will bring the Islamic industry countless opportunities and long-term success.”

ESA Business School and Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments (CISI) have a global aim to help Islamic Industry professionals around the world equip themselves with a practical understanding of Islamic finance principles and products and its key distinguishing market factors. Commenting on the release Dr. Abdel Maoula Chaar, Head of Research and Development at ESA, said “The financial world is having a sweet moment in terms of the growth of Shari’a complaint products. The increase in Islamic assets, which has been gaining more and more momentum over the few years, is driving the once considered niche market towards internationalization and global reach, and changing some of the dynamics that have been established in the conventional financial markets. It is here that IFQ will help prepare the next generation of seasoned professionals by giving them insight into Shari’a compliant modalities, their distinguishing traits and modern market Islamic financial practices.”

About ESA Business School

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