SRB Receives GoodWell Certification in Bahrain

Sharia Advisory firm receives business tribute in promoting a fair and equitable workplace opportunities for its employee’s in the Kingdom

Shariyah Review Bureau (SRB) proudly announces the receipt of GoodWell’s Certification for a fair employee promoting enterprise. US based GoodWell’s certification process requires a detailed analysis on 11 key metrics related to the treatment of employees and SRB exceeded all these thresholds.

The Bahrain based Sharia Advisory is one of just 12 companies so far to have received this prestigious accreditation. The certificate has been developed to identify companies around the world which offer the most fair working conditions for its people both personally and financially. The program is carried out by GoodWell, using an independent metrics-based performance system that strengthens employee satisfaction by certifying fair, equitable, sustainable and humane workplace practices.

“Receiving this certification is a great achievement and honor for us,” said Yasser S. Dahlawi, CEO of Shariyah Review Bureau, “we have worked hard in creating a conducive workplace for our people, an environment where they can grow and realize their ambitions.” “And we will continue to focus on building a better quality workforce drawn from a fair and ethical practice of engagement that operates like a partnership.”

“Our people are the most valuable asset of our organization and it is because of them that the quality of our service, business success and market leadership has allowed our business to grow rapidly” said Mansoor M. Ahmed, AGM at SRB. ” We will ensure that they remain our top priority in everything we do.” Commenting on GoodWell’s independent Certification processes he added “it is essential to all companies around the world as their metrics help inspire a healthy corporate dialogue on the professional diversity and financial mix of the company’s workforce. Their Certificate exemplifies a positive, fair, and winning workplace which puts people on a nondiscriminatory platform.”

Each year, GoodWell will assess the financial and professional practices of SRB in relation to its people regarding accomplishments within the key disciplines like Employee Sentiment, Average Employee, Job Function Management, Annualized Attrition Succession Rates, Average Employee Benefits.