Tanmeya Capital partners up with Shariyah Review Bureau

Tanmeya Capital (KSA), has assigned Shariyah Review Bureau (SRB) to supervise its Asset management operations and activities under private equity and real-estate investments and provide technical Shariah consultation, certification and Shariah audit for its Funds. 

A multi-disciplinary investment, Tanmeya Capital seeks to provide specialized investment strategies and structure the most challenging transactions for its investors. Talking about the team Eng. Saud Badr Al Rashoud, Head of Asset Management said “Our team members have over a decade of management experience and we are pleased to bring our expertise to our investors offering Sharia-complaint investment opportunities”. Saud Badr added “Given the Shariah assurance that is sought by investors, by bringing Shariyah Review Bureau on board to supervise our Sharia compliance affairs we will further strengthen trust in our stakeholders and also give us significant scale with low input costs for certifying and auditing Sharia compliant products and investments.”

Shariyah Review Bureau is a Middle East based Sharia advisory firm specializing in providing Sharia supervisory solutions and support services that investment companies, banks and fintech entities can leverage to get their offerings certified and tap Islamic financial markets.

Yasser S. Dahlawi, CEO and Founder of SRB said “Over one-third asset managers in the Kingdom rely on our Shariah advisory and Audit service to ensure all their investment operations are aligned to Shariah standards. Shariyah Review Bureau has successfully certified hundreds of funds and supervised thousands of transactions to establish itself as a key player in the Sharia Advisory landscape. It continues to grow its scholarly resource and audit team for all type of investment firms.” Speaking on this engagement he added, “We stand ready to support Tanmeya Capital in helping them introduce new Shariah compliant Funds to the market and keenly look forward to their success.”