Time-sensitive Sharia Review service launched

Shariyah Review Bureau (SRB), one of the world’s leading Sharia Advisory firm, today announced the launch of the Islamic industry’s fastest Sharia review and certification service. Efficient both in terms of time and cost, it ensures that the financial institutions urgent product and fund documentation gets reviewed within matters of hours, so as to help clients capture time-sensitive investment opportunities.

“Our experience shows that Sharia compliant transactions amongst financial institutions are expanding at a tremendous pace making these institutions seek out for faster and quicker Sharia review and certification services,” says Yasser S. Dahlawi, CEO and Founder of SRB.“The nature of some financial investments requires even more time-critical Sharia approvals. This is particularly the case for high-value transactions for family offices and private equity investments for institutional investors, where the patience for downtime is particularly low and managing quick investment continuity for high-profile investors is vital.”

“Studies have shown that scholars are stretched on many Sharia Boards. This makes the product approval an exhaustive process for various IFI’s. Our Express Sharia Review service will help cater for such enterprises who face unnecessary delays in their Sharia review and certification processes” adds Yasser.

Instead of being dependent on 3-5 scholars SRB relies on its vast network of 31 scholars spanning 16 countries. This breadth, capacity, and extensive scale allows SRB to provide a customized steering system to select the most readily available resource for immediate tasks to meet urgent review requests. As a result, product documentation on the Sharia Review Express service can be conducted within the same day.

“Speed, transparency and an unmatched worldwide scholarly coverage has always been a key differentiator for our Sharia Advisory business” says Mansoor M. Ahmed, “The introduction of the new Sharia Review Express service reinforces our commitment in serving the most high-potential functions of the Islamic financial industry and as the industry reaches new peaks, we will continue to invest in raising the bar with faster reviews and superior quality certification with our services.”

“With are placing the Islamic industry on a level playing field positioning its players to take full opportunity in new markets in a Sharia compliant manner and grow their businesses.”