Faraz is a Bahrain-based Sharia screening and account officer. Since joining SRB, he has led a broad range of engagements including supervising accounting records, cash-flow control strategies, invoicing management, operational improvement, financial reporting design and strategy. He continues to work closely with the Sharia audit team to help assist in payment and income controls, engagement processes and regulatory stakeholders. Under the leadership of the Screening supervisor, Faraz also audits the practice of analyzing listed and private equities in light of Sharia. His sector screening experience spans corporate banking, investment banking, cooperative insurance, telecommunications, energy, real estate and agricultural investments.

Outside of his financial work, Faraz is actively involved in local social impact initiatives and is the Vice President for Toastmaster Club in Bahrain. In the club he pursues his mission of inspiring youngsters to become confident public speakers and strong leaders of their local communities. He has a B.Sc. in Banking and Finance from University of Bahrain. Prior to joining SRB in 2017, Faraz held an apprenticeship in KPMG.