Mohamed Ebrahim holds Bachelor’s in Sharia and Law from University of Al- Azhar and is currently pursuing his Masters in Islamic studies from Al Imam Al Aozai’I University (Lebanon). He is an occasional lecturer on Shafi Fiqh& is also a student of the renowned Mufti Sheikh Ali Jumma (Egypt) & other reputable scholar such as Syed Ebrahim Al Khalifa Al Ahsai (KSA), & Sheikh Dr. Najji Al Arabi (Bahrain).

He draws his major experience in law from his previous position as a Committees Affairs Coordinator Specialist between the Legislative & Executive authority of Kingdom of Bahrain acting as the primary channel of communication at Ministry of Shura Council & Representative Council Affairs (Legislative authority) his role was to assist, revise and represent their decision & approval programs while arranging for ongoing meetings between the two authorities; documenting records, tracking recommendations made and overseeing concerns. As a Sharia Review & Audit Manager he oversees the Sharia compliance affairs of more than 30% of the Financing Companies licensed by Saudi Central Bank (SAMA). Apart from managing all Sharia related queries, audit tasks & assignments, he works as an internal resource with clients’ for product queries and certification or related structuring issues and directing it to appropriate scholarly existing channels for investigation and resolution.