Omar supervises clients in various fintech segments, including digital banking, payment solutions, and financial technology innovations.
He manages the compliance of fintech companies across multiple regions, examining their products, Islamic financial governance and Sharia controls in light of Sharia criteria. In his position, he also plays a considerable role in solving the toughest non-compliance problems faced by fintech companies in light of Sharia precepts. His Sharia audit programs deliver insights that diagnose clients’ Sharia non-compliance trajectories and inform reporting lines of non-congruent practices and how to manage them.

Prior to joining Shariyah Review Bureau in 2019, he interned at Al Salam Bank, focusing primarily on Islamic banking product reviews and supervision. Within the retail banking space at Al Salam Bank, Omar honed his expertise in property financing, Wakala saving scheme, among other verticals.

Omar earned an MBA in Comparative Jurisprudence and Law, obtaining First Class honors from Higher Judicial Institute – Al-Imam Mohammed Bin Saud Islamic University. He also earned an Executive MBA in Islamic Finance from Golden Trust Training Institute (CIBAFI).