Raa’fat brings clients a unique customized Sharia audit perspective. He has addressed various, Islamic banks, financial institutes and Islamic insurance firms on Sharia deficiencies and gaps in processes and Sharia controls. He continuously helps organizations understand misalignments and possible development opportunities within their Sharia compliance function in light of AAOIFI practices. He leads multiple SRB Sharia audit programs, evaluating actual compliance applications pertinent to Sharia criterions & codifying autonomous reports.

Raafat is a Certified Sharia Advisor and Auditor (CSAA). He holds Bachelors Honours in Sharia & Law from Al Azhar University with specialization in civil, commercial and corporate law. He procured his specialization in Maliki Fiqh & is also a student of the renowned Mufti Sheikh Ali Jumma (Egypt) & other reputable scholar such as Syed Ebrahim Al Khalifa Al Ahsai (KSA), & Sheikh Dr. Najji Al Arabi (Bahrain).