Research on Conflicting Views in Sharia

We work with financial institutions providing research and resolutions on conflicting views that may exist between management and the respective Sharia Boards. Such conflicting views can exist on product structures, fund mechanisms, fiqh qualification, non-compliance risks, and other services.

International experts and scholars for research and resolution

We have created a research network operating as a community of experts, scholars, consultants from all corners of the globe engaged under an independent policy dedicated to sharing knowledge in the dynamic field of research on conflicting views in Sharia opinions, contested transactions and resolutions.

This service is based on an independency policy that has been designed to govern a committee of scholars and experts with distinct jurisprudence, varying experiences and industrial backgrounds. Our research will help your firm advance particularly around conflicting views by giving you options for problem-solving in light of Sharia and establishing resolutions which your Sharia Board and management can refer to in their decision making process.

Our service is designed to work with management, Sharia boards, investors, directors, law firms, Islamic investment banks, takaful firms and other financial entities seeking independent Sharia views on complex and contested transactions.

Who we are

As regulated entity by the Central Bank of Bahrain we have been serving the Islamic industry for nearly two decades. The credentials of our professionals and scholars spans multiple financial services sectors and enable us to collectively generate knowledge in light of Islamic fiqh and contemporary financial practices. These experts are equipped with academic expertise and practical experience which helps bring their diverse knowledge and exposure to market-practices to our research and resolutions.

How can we help

From high-profile market products to microstructure elements of funds to acquisition targets, private investments, secured financing and regulatory matters, our research conducts detailed analyses on issues important to you. We can conduct research on conflicting views in light of Sharia compliance for your Sharia board, advise your management on different views for undertaking investments in light of Sharia guidance, help you navigate stipulations around specific product and fund structures with corrective actions, and provide resolution with a proper framework to ensure Sharia compliance.

Over the years we have analyzed complex financial issues in contested matters that have involved several Islamic financial institutions and their transactions. For example, we have:

  • Examined derivative structures for investors
  • Analyzed conventional REITS and ETF’s
  • Assessed the structures of joint conventional and Islamic investments
  • Addressed investment practices in a VC environment
  • Evaluated the leasing arm of financial institutions

The above list is just an example of some areas that we’ve assisted clients.

With a structured policy which governs our decision making and resolution framework, our research is better equipped to independently identify, critique, and discuss various opinions and implications of Sharia stipulations and thus improve your decision-making process.

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