Bahrain based Kaaf hires Shariyah Review Bureau for Sharia Governance framework

A map of the world with a red and white pin on the country of Bahrain

Kaaf humanitarian – a charity organization that belongs to al-Eslah society based in the Kingdom of Bahrain today announces partnering up with Shariyah Review Bureau (SRB), a Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) licensed Sharia advisory firm to help design its Sharia governance framework. 

Kaaf aspires to be the leading charitable institution and implements specific humanitarian projects within and outside Bahrain, primarily focused on local community concerns, supporting the organization’s mission, and enhancing the spirit of volunteerism in the community through effective communication with all its partners.

Speaking about the engagement Mr. Mohammed Jasim Sayar the CEO of Kaaf said: “We are excited to work with Shariyah Review Bureau as at the heart of this engagement is a commitment to transparency and accountability for all our stakeholders. We believe that there are fundamental values that underpin the work of any charity, and SRB can provide us the assistance in improving controls, introducing better Sharia governance systems for the money entrusted to our organization for humanity’s welfare. More specifically, SRB will design and formulate the Sharia system entailing structures and processes that define and govern key relationships between Sharia committee, secretariat and Sharia audit functions. This will help administrate clear policies and procedures for decision-making in matters of Sharia and management of differences of opinion that may arise during the process”. “SRB will also create our Zakat policy for charity distribution to ensure accountability in a manner that reflects Kaaf’s values, mission, and culture.” added Mohammed.

“Shariyah Review Bureau provides Sharia advisory and Sharia audit services to businesses worldwide. Their services add valuable expertise and help financial and non-banking institutions efficiently formulate products, operations, controls in light of Sharia compliance, giving its clients an independent assurance. 

Yasser Dahlawi, the CEO and founder of SRB said “Our team of experienced professionals will work closely with Kaaf’s organization to assess their current processes, identify areas for improvement, and develop a tailored plan of controls and suggestive improvements that meets the organization’s specific Sharia governance needs. We are confident that our Sharia governance framework will help the organization improve its Sharia consultative decisions and accountability.”