Importance of Verification

For over two decades we’ve been designing services that have continued to meet successive waves of challenges. For example to keep you better informed about ongoing Sharia assurance not just for the investment of today, but for your investment of the future, we created an engine where you could verify the certificate no matter where you may be. Through this online engine we committed ourselves to providing safe, secure, reliable and up-to-date information on the Sharia compliance status and assurance audit of your investment whenever you needed it. 

While the trends for more education has been clear for decades, we believe we’ve now hit upon the need to educate consumers on staying vigilant when dealing with some companies around the world.

How To Spot Scams?

Scams targeting customers are becoming more sophisticated and more common. Since we are a firm that serves clients worldwide covering various sectors such as banking, fintech, capital markets, investment funds, takaful and more. Some of these fraudulent companies are using the name of Shariyah Review Bureau to gain your confidence. They may claim that we are responsible for ensuring Sharia compliance for their business activities, other may claim to be affiliated with us while others may say that their products or investments are certified by us. Some may even use our logo or the names of our scholars as Sharia Committee members overseeing their offerings.

You are advised to exercise caution before dealing with anyone claiming to be associated with us or using our name or certificate. We have implemented secure measures to address the issues associated with Sharia assurance, but it is equally important that you remain diligent and treat this matter just as seriously. Here are some tips to help you avoid falling victim to these scammers. Any company with whom we have an active agreement can be verified by:

  1. Checking the company’s name on our website in the “Clients” section https://shariyah.net/our-clients/;

  2. Cross-referencing the company’s status, engagement scope and Sharia governance reference in the Client Engagement Directory page: https://shariyah.net/client-engagement-directory/;

  3. Communicating the suspicious activity that involved our name or certificate to us immediately through this support page https://shariyah.net/support-complaint/;

  4. Reporting the company to the relevant authorities such as the police, the central bank or the securities commission (if your local jurisdiction has one).

We are committed to ensuring the security of our customers when it comes to Sharia assurance! If you need to check with us whether an engagement of a specific company is genuine, please contact us at +973 17215898. You can also email us at [email protected].

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