Building a winning ETF for US based Falah

Falah Capital, a rising investment group located in the US, is pleased to announce that it will be launching its first in a series of Shari’a compliant index funds. These will be structured as Islamic ETFs that will match the requirements of specific institutional and individual investors. They have assigned Shariyah Review Bureau to ensure the structure and operations of their funds are in compliance to Shari’a.

Former Governor of the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank and Chairman of the advisory board of Falah Capital, Dr. H Robert Heller, said “The timing is very attractive and the evolution of Islamic ETFs is starting to swing higher, which makes our proposition very exciting for investors in multiple jurisdictions. In order to realize value, our funds will track the movements of the Russell-IdealRatings Islamic Indexes, which are known to provide stable, if not greater returns than most actively managed Islamic equity funds.”

Falah Capital advisory board member and CEO of IdealRatings, Mohamed Donia added, “Hiring a Shari’a Advisor like Shariyah Review Bureau is very important to the nature of our work especially with their strong track record in Shari’a compliance management and an international footprint in the Islamic financial Industry. Further they have a one stop solution which effectively reduces overall costs and gives us one place to go to answer any questions.”

Shariyah Review Bureau is one of the world’s leading independent Shari’a Advisors, overseeing on a day-to-day basis the Shari’a compliance for financial institutions from UK, Canada, Switzerland, Hong Kong and GCC. As an independent firm whose sole business is to manage and supervise businesses from an Islamic law perspective it takes great pride in offering Shari’a compliant solutions to nearly all segments of the global capital markets, including equity, fixed income, multi-asset, and alternative investments.

Commenting on the assignment, CEO of Shariyah Review Bureau, Mr. Yasser Dahlawi said, “In growing numbers, businesses both large and small around the world are unprecedentedly looking at adopting Shari’a compliant moralities to promote their products and services.” He also added “We are delighted to serve Falah Capital’s extraordinary idea and to help them structure it in a Shari’a compliant way.  We look forward to leading their Islamic ETFs vision and helping them expand and materialize their Shari’a compliant business growth strategy around the globe.”

“Shari’a compliance is becoming a phenomena of true inspiration for all types of businesses around the world” said Mansoor Munir, Assistant General Manager at Shariyah Review Bureau. “It’s great to see groups like Falah Capital headquartered in the US that are looking to make rapid strides in adopting Islamic solutions for their upcoming business initiatives. Already we have seen remarkable benefits on many fronts in making business Shari’a compliant.” He continued “The next phase of businesses that cater to Islamic consumers seeking value based returns that comply with their faith looks very exciting. The US is definitely expected to play a noteworthy role in the Islamic financial paradigm as it has done with “Ethical Finance”.  And businesses like Falah Capital will help ensure that there is a real potential for the growth of Shari’a compliant businesses in the US.”

About Falah Capital

Falah Capital was formed by a group of seasoned professionals that have held executive level roles at Fortune 500 companies, central banks, and Islamic financial institutions. For more information, kindly write to [email protected].

Falah Capital is based in Seattle, Washington and is majority owned by the Polson family. They are one of Seattle’s oldest merchant groups; with historical links to agriculture, mining, timber, real estate, and financial services.