Cur8 Capital (UK) appoints Shariyah Review Bureau for ongoing Shariah Compliance

UK based Cur8 Capital partners with Shariyah Review

Cur8 Capital, a prominent platform catering to sophisticated and high-net-worth investors both in the UK and globally, has enlisted the expertise of Shariyah Review Bureau (SRB) to oversee its asset management operations. SRB will provide technical Shariah consultation, certification, and conduct Shariah audits for Cur8’s diverse range of fund investments.

Dedicated to offering specialized investment strategies and structuring complex transactions, Cur8 Capital is at the forefront of multi-disciplinary investment. Ccombining their investment network and sharia expertise it creates unique investments available to a Muslim investor in real-estate, fixed income and venture capital. Ibrahim Khan, Co-founder & CEO, highlighted the extensive experience of their team members, spanning over a decade. He said “On Cur8 there are two types of investment: Individual and Entity. After successfully adding an investment entity to your account, you can invest in our deals using your entity or trust across our portfolio”.  Using their investment network, sharia and technical expertise they unlock access to high quality investments.

He expressed his enthusiasm in providing Shariah-compliant investment opportunities to investors, stating, “By partnering with Shariyah Review Bureau, we ensure the highest levels of Shariah compliance, reinforcing trust among our stakeholders while maintaining cost efficiency in certifying and auditing Shariah compliant products and investments.”

Shariyah Review Bureau is a distinguished Sharia advisory firm headquartered in the Middle East, specializing in offering Sharia supervisory board, consultation and Sharia audit services to investment companies, banks, and fintech entities. Their expertise enables clients to obtain an independent review of businesses, funds, transactions and tap into Islamic financial markets.

Yasser S. Dahlawi, CEO and Founder of SRB, emphasized the significant trust that the asset managers place in the Shariah advisory and audit services of Shariyah Review Bureau. Having certified more than 400 funds and multitude of international transactions gives the SRB team the exposure to deal with multi-objective funds.