Transforming Mobile Warranty Plans

CDP Holdings Ltd, a Mobile Warranties & Integrated After Sales services Group today announced the assignment of Shariyah Review Bureau (SRB) as its Sharia Advisor.

CDP is one of the first fully integrated provider of mobile device protection and after sales services in the GCC. It helps large Telco’s, Retailers & OEMs differentiate their device offering and brand through superior service quality, and boost overall customer satisfaction. Under the new contract, SRB will provide CDP with Sharia certification and Sharia Audit for its Total Device Protection plan. The operations and management for TDP line will be managed in a Sharia compliant manner across Saudi Arabia and its key locations in the Kingdom.

The agreement with SRB will help CDP improve protection and service stability in light of Sharia, reduce cost associated with Sharia supervision and implement a Sharia framework with high levels of Sharia Advisory quality.

Khalid Saiduddin, Founding Partner & CEO , said: “We have been running a comprehensive market assessment over the last 2 years understanding the specific requirements of our customers and based on our findings we are constructively transforming policies that best meets our customers device coverage needs beginning with the TDP program.” Commenting on the assignment of SRB, he stated “We are happy to have assigned them as our Sharia Advisor on this journey. Their capabilities demonstrates significant transformations for our line of business in the Kingdom and with their support we aim to deliver top coverage to our users in a Sharia compliant manner.”

Sharia Advisory services is a field that is experiencing drastic changes in the past few years and one of the major changes has been to service the functions with institutions like Shariyah Review Bureau. Yasser S. Dahlawi, Founder and CEO of SRB said, “Our approach to Sharia compliance helps entities in scalability” he added “the Sharia review and control processes leads to greater development with uniformity as the enterprise grows and further expands.” Speaking on the new assignment Yasser states “We are looking forward to working with CDP and helping it transform and sustain the TDP program in a Sharia compliant way.”