Anfaal Pumps Shari’a Compliance Output

Saudia’s leading investment banking and asset management firm Anfaal Capital, today announced the outsourcing of the Shari’a Supervisory function to Shariyah Review Bureau (SRB). As the new Shari’a Advisor, SRB will oversee and supervise the firms Shari’a Compliance needs from Product structuring to Fatwa issuing, and from stock screening to periodical Shari’a Audits.

 Mr. Ahmed Muzni, CEO at Anfaal Capital said “With significant Shari’a Advisory experience in institutional asset management, SRB is a great fit to advice Anfaal Capital and assist  to develop innovative world-class Islamic products”. He also added that “By having a dedicated team of shariah scholars and experts, SRB has the ability to deliver a speedy solutions to the business while maintaining a high level of Shariah standards, is essential in contributing towards our business growth and meeting the needs of our stakeholders.”

Mr. Yasser Dahlawi, CEO at SRB said “Outsourcing Shari’a Supervisory Board functions is changing the landscape of the Islamic financial industry and we are relentlessly working to support our clients by increasing in-house scholarly resources and size of the team to support our ambitions.” “It has been accelerated with greater demand from Institutional clients seeking cost-effective measures and a dynamic environment in having there queries and products quickly reviewed and verified” Mr. Yasser said in the release.

Commenting on the assignment, he also added “We are proud to offer our Shari’a Advisory services to an institute which has emerged as one of the leading Investment banking firm in the Saudi Market. We look forward to working with Anfaal Capital and leading the bank towards continued growth in the light of Shari’a.”

About Anfaal Capital

Anfaal Capital (Anfaal) is a CMA licensed financial institution that has been in the market since 2010. Anfaal’s strength lies in its strong shareholder base in addition to its professional, team.

Anfaal’s diverse global network is allowing it to deliver outstanding outcomes to all stakeholders. Main services offered by Anfaal include: Domestic and cross-border asset management, corporate finance, investment advisory and custody services.

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