Having supervised funds worth billions, we have made it easier for investment managers to focus on what they do best while we facilitate and ensure their asset allocation is aligned to meet Sharia guidelines . The investing profiles of Islamic asset and wealth managers significantly differs from those of others financial institutions. These managers need to adopt a more client-focused outlook, understanding how to allocate their customers faith based needs, identify Islamic financial asset opportunities, and at the same time define value propositions. They also need to proactively screen global funds and engage Islamic investments for customers.

How We Help Clients

We can help you tackle challenges by screening investments for Sharia compliance and execute transformation across your business for structuring products in this dynamic market. Our practice will help you save on Sharia review and certification costs and timelines allowing you to implement new designs and measures in Islamic wealth management service. Having served more than 27% of the Asset Management and Investment Companies licensed by the CMA in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we can help you:

  • Creating sustainable Sharia compliance advantage – We draw on our end-to-end Sharia screening capabilities, as well as core strengths in Sharia consultancy to help your firm navigate Islamic financial funds and transactions in the global market.
  • Superior Sharia Board certifications – We lead one-on-one and group focused discussions between Sharia board members and your relationship managers to help improve the knowledge and shifting needs of your business and customers in Islamic asset and wealth management segments. We also promise to review and certify your products within 5 working days (if everything is considered compliant).

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