Financing Companies

Islamic financing enterprises are meant to build transformative models that not only comply with Sharia principles of financing but are also a continuous source of revenue, profit and growth. With markets becoming more and more saturated cost pressures, investor demands and regulatory hurdles are putting the players under ever-increasing pressure.

How We Help Clients

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia we serve over 30% of the Financing Institutions regulated by SAMA. This experience allows us to draw on years of financial market knowledge and a wealth of scholarly resources spread across 16 countries allowing us to help certify innovative Sharia compliant products and services, control costs on Sharia Supervisory Board, align product structuring and certifications and capture Islamic financial opportunities in different landscapes. Our services assist in areas, such as;

  • Reducing costs of Sharia Supervisory Boards: We have worked with financing companies helping them reduce costs on the administration and management of Sharia Supervisory Board functions. Our dynamic approach to managing this service helps strengthen the Sharia supervisory and certification focus in all your operations and product development approach.
  • Integrating better and faster Sharia reviewer services: To ensure higher efficiency that generates results we have redesigned the internal Sharia reviewer experience for financing institutions. We’ve carefully considered all product developmental points within your organization along with Sharia structuring rings that can help ensure your customers financial needs are met within the compliance of Sharia principles. Our approach establishes clarity about Sharia guidelines, and helps you make faster, better and improved Sharia compliant decisions.
  • Sourcing Internal Sharia audit: We verify financing services and investment strategies in light of pronouncements so as to source Sharia objectives and ensure that Sharia principles are aligned with business growth. With value-enhancing procedures our internal Sharia audit approach focuses on reporting elements which help your organizations in continuously improving business activities within Sharia compliance schedules.

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